About Us

About Us

We are located in the the Old Pier Workshops underneath the train station at the shore end of the Pier. To locate the Museum, visitors should go to the Pier Reception and then walk to the right of the railway entrance where the Museum entrance is clearly signposted.

Exhibits include many items of memorabilia such as an original restored working pier signal box, a restored ex-pier toastrack tram c.1890 and train carriages c.1949 together with extensive informative pictorial displays featuring the pier from 1830 and period costumes.

As a registered Museum we work to achieve the standards set out by the Arts Council, but our overall aim is to preserve the Pier's history, educate and inform the public about Southend's Pier in a way that is interesting, educational and fun.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and the proceeds from ticket sales and souvenirs are used for improvements to the Museum, its exhibits and displays.

We also have a small collection of working old penny slot machines and much more.

We aim to make our exhibits both interesting and entertaining just like the Pier!

Southend Pier Museum Foundation Trust Limited is a registered company (2400655) limited by Guarantee and also a registered Charity (802105)

The Southend Pier Museum has achieved Full Accreditation "490 Southend Pier Museum" with Arts Council England.

Arts Council England has taken over from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA)  that was sponsored by the government.

Southend Pier Museum Foundation Trust Limited is the governing body of Southend Pier Museum.


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